About Me

If you want to know “about me,” you could check out my resume here, which shows what I’ve done for work up until May of 2016, but that’s kind of one-dimensional, the black and white snapshot.

If you really want to know about me, here’s a glimpse of the things I’ve done that I’m proud of, that tell a more vivid story of who I am professionally.

It adds a little more color.

HirED Campaign

In 2014 I applied for a job at a startup company, and asked my friends from various parts of the world to help.  Forty-eight hours later I had the best “references” video a guy could ask for.   The video quality shows the quick and dirty nature of the production process, but it’s what my friends (all former work colleagues) had to say that really matters.

The startup agreed, and I got the job.



In 2008, I volunteered to work on a project at Microsoft to help the American Red Cross in the aftermath of a disaster.  With apps, tools, and infrastructure we helped to better regulate their shelter management systems. Though it wasn’t the job I was originally hired to do, this project brought me a real sense of accomplishment and fellowship.

The icing on the cake was being recognized by Bill Gates at Microsoft’s annual company meeting.  My team received the People’s Choice Award for Innovation, for the unconventional and bootstrapping mindset we demonstrated to deliver for a worthy cause.

I wasn’t even an FTE. The last I checked, I’m the only contractor to have won an award at a Microsoft employee-only event.

billg shake hands


After I wrapped up my time at Group Health Cooperative in April 2016, the people I worked with put together a couple of going away items that showed me they cared – and had been listening.

Their efforts mean more to me than getting on stage with Bill Gates, because it’s what people do after you have left that truly reflects what they think of you.  That they did this on their own time speaks to the heartfelt nature of their efforts, and makes their gift that much more meaningful.

GHP Team Parting Gift infographic_v4 TheMetrixCard



Content Marketing

When Everything Changed: The Group Health Cooperative Podcast

Woodinville Firefighters Benevolent Fund (Website and Blog)

ERP Cloud News (Blog articles on Cloud Computing)

Practical Personal Protection (Book)

New Nation (Article on satire site)

The Straits Times (Two-part feature on the violent birth of Timor L’Este)

The Online Citizen (Commentary piece on Singapore politics)

Microsoft Insights (Magazine produced for Microsoft’s Communications Sector business)

FiNS Magazine (Dive publication for the Asia-Pacific)

MightyCall.com (Seattle Start-up)

GoDaddy Garage

One Million for Work Flexibility

Event Management

Acumatica Senior Leadership Team Retreat (Washington State, 2013)

Acumatica Partner Summit (Washington, DC, 2012-2013)

Cisco Cloud Computing Forum (London, 2011)

Microsoft Office Ambassador Training (Seattle, 2010)

Microsoft Office OpenXML Strategy Meetings (Amsterdam and Phuket 2007)

Project Management

Sponsor Management for 2013 Acumatica Partner Summit

Microsoft Office Ambassador Program (2011-2012)

Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit PhotoDNA Launch (2012)

Verisign Global Standards Engagement Program (2010)

Microsoft OpenXML Standards Campaign (2007-2008)